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Teen Nation Talk Show is a  30 minute entertainment talk show hosted by Actress, Author, Speaker, Saniya Symone that also discusses hot topics from education, cyber bullying, Sexual Wellness, teen pregnancy, health and mental wellness, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and peer pressure. The Teen Nation Talk Show has partnered with TSU S.H.A.PE. Inititaitve to help promote and spread the importance of HIV Awareness, Hepatitis C and Syphilis. 

We uphold a high standard of providing our youth with adequate information from educators, counselors and mentors that have top notch skill withing their industry.

Our Mission

To develope the ultimate multi media platform for a multi cultural teen community through awareness, entertainment and education.  

Saniya Symone and TSU Shape Initiative.j
Our Mission
Saniya Symone giving students packpacks.

Our Vision

To deliver insightful workshops, entertaining and engaging group discussions that will help prepare and deliver an excellent compass to scuccess for students.

We Need Your Support Today!

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